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Personalized and Precision Medicine (Laboratory/Compounding Pharmacy)

We are a pharmaceutical company that specializes in Personalized and Precision Medicine. Our products reach many patients and doctors throughout numerous specialties, including but not limited to Dermatology, Gynecology, Endocrinology and Urology. We deliver medicines that adapt to each patient’s specific pharmacologic needs. Using the physician’s prescription and our in-depth pharmaceutical experience as well as a plethora of available active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) we develop personalized drugs that meet the patient’s complex clinical needs. 

Our extensive and ever-growing API catalogue has allowed us to deliver more than 30,000 personalized pharmaceutical drugs to date. 

Our organization is composed of highly committed professionals who are constantly developing and honing their skills in personalized and precision medicine. We adhere strictly to and comply with local and international regulatory frameworks. As a result, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standard that has come to define us. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment all us to constantly innovate and develop new drugs as well as ensure strict quality control and clinical reliability. 


To develop personalized medicines that have a positive effect on patients well-being.


To be a cutting-edge compounding pharmacy that provides different and innovative pharmaceutical services.

Our values

We strive for continuous improvement


The foundation that rules us as a clear and upright organization for our business partners and collaborators.


We manufacture our products using the highest precision and not allowing for any margin of error. Delivering high quality products allows us to exceed our client’s expectations.


We assume our actions and commitments to strengthen confidence among our distribution channels, environment, and OmicronLab family.


At OmicronLab we are constantly innovating through our focused research and development team, always seeking to be the best compounding pharmacy on the market.


Strategic Partnerships and Memberships

OmicronLab is an active member of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (ACP) and A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine).

We began operations in Monterrey, Mexico producing custom, compounded dermatological drugs. Our goal was to become the industry’s most professional and innovative option in Mexico.
REVE Dermatologique was born offering dermaceutical products developed using cutting-edge technology and select, world-class active ingredients. REVE Dermatologique became an ideal complement for dermatological medical treatment.
We created DermaZone, a specialty compounding line focused on delivery high quality dermatological drugs to doctors and patients with custom clinical needs. DermaZone provides specific formulas, pharmaceutical forms and/or ingredient blends that are not available in conventional pharmacies.
We began operations in Mexico City, aiming to be in closer proximity to many of our clients and their needs.
We ventured into Guadalajara, Jalisco as a novel business development opportunity. This allowed us to provide local clients a very close, efficient and personalized service.
We began exploring the clinical nutrition marketplace via “Obiotix Functional Health”, our specialized line of nutritional supplements.
We developed Bioequal Bioidentical Hormones, our specialized line of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, providing overall well-being and improving patients’ quality of life.
OmicronLab opens new facilities, housing 6 (FD&C 503A and 503B non-sterile compliant facilities) pharmaceutical-grade laboratories and a production plant that enable us to provide a wide range of alternatives for physicians and their patients.
We created Bioelite “Nutraceutical Compounding”, our specialty nutritional supplement line that provides custom dose and ingredient blends for functional health.
REVE Dermatologique expands its product line with the launch of Dibel, our premium dermatological line, as a solution for facial skin health using innovative active ingredients and high-quality bases to achieve great clinical efficacy. Dibel offers a distinct product lineup with anti-aging solutions similar to those in the American and European dermatological marketplace.
REVE Dermatologique undergoes updated branding and offers a more modern, relevant and ideal presentation for patients. It begins providing a permanently innovative, clean and trendy image.
Omigenomics, a Personalized and Precision Medicine Laboratory, is created to provide patients and physicians with clinical solutions involving molecular diagnostic techniques and pharmacogenomics. These tools help develop personalized treatment options and effective patient monitoring. OmicronLab received its regulatory license for the handling and pharmaceutical use of controlled substances, such as psychotropic and narcotic active ingredients, in custom, compounded drugs from Cofepris, the Mexican health regulatory agency.
OmicronShop is launched as a specialized digital platform to facilitate interaction and better service our customers’ needs. This virtual space looks to bring physician and lab closer, ultimately allowing the customer to receive timely and relevant information pertaining to current orders, among other things.
Our facilities are regulated by and comply with the NOM-059 (Good Manufacturing Practices of Pharmaceutical Products). We also comply with FD&C 503A and 503B non sterile facilities ACT

Our facilities’ active ingredient weigh stations, humidity and temperature control systems and contamination prevention measures strictly conform to and comply with the NOM-059.

OmicronLab has the following first-class infrastructure:

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24/7 climate and humidity-controlled storage areas

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