Androgenetic alopecia predisposition genetic testing and pharmacogenomic testing, which determines the kind of metabolism of the main drugs used to treat the medical condition, in order to create an accurate, safe and effective therapeutic recommendation according to each patient’s requirements.

What tests are included in the OmiGenomics Tricho-genetic kit?

Genetic testing

Analysis of genes related to AGA predisposition and to the metabolism of the main drugs used as treatment. Furthermore, the testing assesses the antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammatory, and metabolism of vitamins and mineral profiles related to the AGA development and progression.

Hormonal testing

It consists of the accurate measurement of the main hormones related to AGA development and progression, androgens, and stress hormone -cortisol, with the purpose of providing a bioidentical hormone therapeutic recommendation which enables the achievement of a hormonal balance.

Lifestyle testing

The lifestyle questionnaire and suggested serum studies will provide us information regarding habits, personal, and environmental factors which may affect the development of androgenic alopecia (AGA). The goal is to determine how to improve habits in order to reduce the likelihood of being affected by AGA.


What does the Tricho-genetics comprehensive service consist of?

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