Personalized Drugs


Compounded Drugs

A drug developed and customized for an individual patient as outlined by a physician’s prescription. These drugs are designed to meet a patient’s specific and unique clinical needs. 

Who prescribes custom, compounded drugs?

Only a physician can prescribe personalized, or compounded, drugs. The physician’s prescription specifies the drug’s active ingredients, concentration, dose, pharmacological combination, among other factors. Personalizing drugs in this manner can provide patients with medicines that are not available at conventional pharmacies. 


A treatment that adjusts to the patient, not the patient to the treatment.


In OmicronLab we have stood out for the commitment to the quality of our preparations.
OmicronLab is committed to delivering custom, compounded drugs of the highest quality.

BioElite Nutraceutical Compounding

As a physician, you can personalize the active compounds and dosage according to your patient's specific features and necessities.

Dermatological Compounding Formulas

Our Dermatological Compounding allows to personalize a patient's therapy for those who can´t find any commercial product that helps him or her needs.

BIOEQUAL Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones have the same structure and performance to those produced naturally by human body.

Discover our Bioequal Bioidentical Hormones products.

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